Gift Card Personalization
  • You can add your own logo
  • Depending on the type and shape of logo, you may want or not add a title for the Gift Card. Title appears right next to the logo
  • You may want to add your business name, or if the logo already displays it, you can simply leave the default "Gift Card" text.
  • Customize the background color to match your business branding
  • Customize the text color to better match the background color you have selected
You can Save and Preview the personalization as many times as you need until you get it right!
Gift Card Sell
You sell it as any other item. There are some preconfigured amounts, or you can type any other (whole number, no decimals). You optionally input the name of the person/business proving the card as a gift, together with a brief message. Email the Gift Card to the recipient. You have a chance to customize the default email message.
For every successful scan of a member's card, for charging the card, the balance is decreased by one. You can top-up the balance through an in-app purchase of additional Gift Card scans