• You can add your own logo
  • Depending on the type and shape of logo, you may want or not add a title for the Loyalty Card. Title appears right next to the logo
  • You may want to add your business name, or if the logo already displays it, you can simply leave the default "Loyalty Card" text.
  • Customize the background color to match your business branding
  • Customize the text color to better match the background color you have selected
You can Save and Preview the personalization as many times as you need until you get it right!
Loyalty Card Menu
The very first option on the Loyalty Card product menu provides the Installation QR Code. There is no paper or plastic card to hand out. It is completely digital. You need to display that QR Code to the customers so that they can scan it directly from their mobile phone. In iPhones they can scan it from the pre-installed Wallet app, they do not need to download any app, just simply scan the QR Code and the Card will appear in their Wallet app. In Android phones, they can scan it with any free QR Code reader app. It is only one QR Code, the one and only, that generates a different Loyalty Card every time it is scanned.
Yes. The simplest, and probably most powerful, feature is that you can message all the Program members. Message them important announcements, an offers…Be careful, do not abuse this feature as your program members already receive many messages from many sources. With great power, comes great responsibility!
  1. Select the "Add points" option of the Loyalty Card product menu.
  2. Input the amount of points to be added
  3. Scan the QR Code of the member card
  4. You see a confirmation message. And the balance and transaction are instantaneously updated on the member’s card.
It is entirely up to you how you manage your program points. These are only some ideas:
  1. Give them 1 point for every dollar they buy
  2. Give them 10 points for any purchase, regardless of amount
  3. Points for simply visiting your shop
  4. Points for buying certain products or following certain behaviors.
Up to you. Depending on the amount of points and the frequency you give them out, these are some ideas:
  1. 10 points get member something for free
  2. 25 points give member the option to a 25% discount coupon
  3. 50 points give you a ticket to participate in the raffle of a great prize.
For every successful scan of a member’s card, for adding or reducing points, the balance is decreased by one. You can top-up the balance through an in-app purchase of additional Loyalty Card scans.