The first 1,000 number tickets are free. After using up the initial balance you can purchase additional 1,000 number ticket packages. The cost is a fraction of a paper ticket system (tickets, dispenser, display, remotes…).
Yes. You can assign separate attendants to each system (paper and Take-a-Number), or even have one attendant serve both.
If they have an iPhone, they scan the queue's QR Code directly from the preinstalled Wallet app. In the case of Android phones, the first time, and only the first time, they need to scan the QR Code from any free QR Code reader.
They can, at any time, look at the ticket installed in their Wallet. In addition, they get two messages, one advising them that their turn is coming up and another when it is up.
Customers get numbers without downloading the app. On iPhones they use the preinstalled Wallet app, and on Android phone only the first time they need download a Wallet app.
Take-a-Number Next
There are three buttons:
  • Next: calls the next number in queue
  • Served and No-show: categorize each number as actually Served (customer showed up), or No-show (also used to skip numbers)
On the name of the queue, swipe left. Select Reset.
On the name of the queue, swipe left. Select Erase.
Tap on the QR Code image and the QR Code will appear in a new window. Use the share button (top right) to message or email.
Yes. You need to assign the provided URL to it.
No. There are use cases in which a different daily queue maybe desired (menu of the day, today's specials…). We do however recommend to delete queues that will not be used again.